BioProfile pHOx is designed to measure acid/base and respiratory parameters from mammalian cell culture and bacterial fermentations. This compact, easy to use analyzer provides rapid, accurate results throughout a wide range of pH, PCO2, and PO2 levels encountered in cell cultures and fermentations.

ModelpH/GasesCalculated Parameters
BioProfile pHOx pH, PO2, PCO2 CO2 Saturation, Air Saturation, HCO3, Total CO2

Measurement Ranges

ParameterTest MethodologyMeasuring RangeImprecision Resolution
pH Ion Selective Electrode 5.00 – 8.00 pH units +0.01%
PO2 Membrane Amperometric 0 – 800 mmHg 5.0%
PCO2 Membrane Amperometric 3 – 200 mmHg 5.0%