Rotative solid-phase microwave reactor with a 45° tilted rotating reaction vessel.The RotoSYNTH system represents an excellent platform for method optimization and for scale-up.

Unique features

Reactor vessel
Milestone unique RotoSYNTH system consists of a state-of-the-art microwave platform, with a 45° tilted rotating reaction vessel. Monitoring and controlling of the reaction temperature are assured by both a contact-less infrared pyrometer and a contact optical fibre thermometer. Furthermore, the RotoSYNTH allows operations under normal atmosphere, inert gas, and under vacuum.

The RotoSYNTH is fully controlled via a compact terminal, with bright, full-colour, touch-screen display. The dedicated software automatically reproduces a preset temperature/ time profile tuning the emitted microwave power.

Methods and runs are saved on a flash memory card or on a USB stick and can be read on any Windows™- based computer. Moreover, using the Milestone EasyDOC software, all data can be graphically displayed and converted into standard formats readable by any database or spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel™, etc.).