Screen and collect diffraction data for your crystals directly from crystallization plates with the Rigaku PlateMate

The Rigaku PlateMate is a simple, inexpensive tool for rapid screening of crystals within crystallization plates. The PlateMate supports several different SBS format crystallization plates, though best results are observed using X-ray compatible plates. The PlateMate is quickly installed on Rigaku 4-circle AFC11 partial chi and non-inverted phi goniometers by virtue of the standard IUCr goniometer mount fitting. The plate slides on linear rails to bring the desired well position to the beam, then micrometers allow for fine adjustments to precisely center the desired crystal in the X-ray beam. With the PlateMate, you can detect whether you have protein versus salt crystals within minutes. Moreover, the PlateMate has a compact design so that you can collect X-ray diffraction data sets.