Check the status of your experiment from anywhere

RigakuRemote offers the ability to remotely monitor the status of a single crystal X-ray system from anywhere you can get an internet connection. It provides real-time updates of the state of your instrumentation, including video of the crystal and enclosure. Also included are current information about the scans being collected, and a JPEG view of the last diffraction image collected.

iOS and Android versions

RigakuRemote supports remote monitoring on both iOS and Android devices using a native app. The app allows you to connect to multiple instruments, so that you can easily monitor the status of your entire lab.

Web version

RigakuRemote also supports a web-based version, writen using standard HTML and Javascript, which allows you to monitor the status of your instrumentation from any computer with a web browser.

  • Works with CrystalClear, StructureStudio/JDirector or HKL3000R
  • Works on both single-computer and multiple computer (control+framegrabber) systems
  • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X