Focuses and monochromatizes two different X-ray wavelengths for single-crystal crystallography usage.

Rigaku VariMax dual-wavelength optic combines two VariMax optics, each designed for a different wavelength selected from Cu, Cr, Mo, Ag or Co radiation. The long length of VariMax optics, compared to other multilayer optics, allows it to capture more of the X-ray beam from the microfocus generator resulting in higher flux. A patented, continuously adjustable divergence slit assembly enables users to fine-tune the X-ray beam divergence for optimal spot separation for different types of crystals. The combination of two VariMax optics uniquely enable crystallographers in their home lab to either use a shorter wavelength for higher resolution data such as Cu radiation or a longer wavelength for SAD phasing attempts such as Cr radiation. Data collected on a single crystal at two different wavelengths also enable MAD phasing works. High flux, adjustable divergence, and dual-wavelength make the dual-wavelength VariMax optic the ideal choice for single crystal diffraction and SAD, MAD phasing experiments in the home lab.